Three AI Trends Relevant To Your Marketing Strategy

March 4, 2022

The public is no stranger to AI (Artificial Intelligence). Nowadays, many companies use AI to replace manpower and speed up the operation of the entire company. According to Forbes, the mainstream marketing trends related to AI are roughly divided into three categories: Customer Service Robot / Chatbot, Voice Search, and Behavioral Analysis.


1. Chatbot


Chatbots were initially used to respond to customer inquiries and later developed into online shopping. Because of its convenient functions, many corporate web pages or social platforms have added chatbot functions. Some chatbots have learning ability and can collect computer data to make corrections. Facebook opened the chatbot function in 2016, and the data shows that there are currently more than 300,000 marketing accounts using chatbots to reply to customer inquiries on Facebook. Chatbots answer questions faster than real people, and can provide 24-hour service, thereby improving service quality and improving brand reputation.


2. Voice Search


‘Hey, Siri.’, ‘Ok, Google.’ I believe that many people have said these two sentences when they use the voice search function of smartphones. Searching for the required data by voice, more than half of the users indicated that they use this feature on an average day. Most of the voice search results are displayed directly on the search engine, which shows the importance of Search Engine Marketing. Only by occupying a higher position on the web page can you attract more potential customers to visit the company web page.


3. Behavioral Analysis


Customers’ every move on the Internet is easy to be recorded, and these records often represent their consumption orientation. AI can analyze the consumption orientation and trends of potential customers, and analyzing data can help brands make adjustments or decisions on marketing strategies. The process is faster than human analysis and greatly improves efficiency. However, it is worth noting that brands must handle customer records with care to protect customer privacy. If data is leaked, customers will lose confidence and the company’s reputation will be damaged.

Technology is changing with each passing day. As a marketer, we must keep abreast of robotics hong kong technology development and make good use of new technology to bring greater benefits to the company.