You Should Do Before Renting An Apartment 

Renting an apartment anywhere are often stressful – there’s tons at stake and you would like to feel comfortable in your new home. once you first move to Hong Kong , not only does one need to suits a replacement culture, you presumably even have to make a decision on a replacement place to measure relatively quickly. We hope you’ll find these useful for the longer term if you opt to relocate or useful to share with a lover or new colleague who is preparing to form the move here.


Is there a particular time of day I should search for apartments?

Aim to seem for apartments during daylight . Not only will this offer you an honest idea of the quantity of sunshine within the apartment, but you’ll also check-out to ascertain if there’s ongoing construction near your potential apartment. Construction can begin very early, and counting on your lifestyle, could really put a damper on your sleep schedule.

What should I check for inside the apartment?

Check the water pressure may be a must, as this will be a problem with certain hong kong island furnished apartments for rent. If it’s not great you’ll double-check with the owner to ascertain if they need it turned down. If you’re really keen on the place you’ll buy a water pressure pump on Taobao, but installing it’d require the services of knowledgeable. Check the cabinets and get on the lookout for evidence of bugs or potential dampness issues. Indicators like bug spray or insect repellents can help when the pests themselves can’t be easily spotted. The quality of the appliances, just like the air conditioners, are often an honest indicator of the investment the owner has put into the apartment. If the owner invests in decent appliances, then they likely take excellent care of their place.

What should I search for outside the apartment?

Take a glance at common areas within the apartment complex, this is often an honest gauge to ascertain how well the property is managed. is that the trash/recycling area well organised? Are the elevators and stairs clean?

What if I already know the area/compound i would like to measure in?

If you’ve been eyeing a selected sheung wan apartments, you would possibly be ready to find an available unit without employing a land agent. Just inquire directly within the complex to ascertain which apartments were available for rent. 

Do i want a true estate agent?

Chances are, you almost certainly do. There are exceptions, just like the example mentioned above, also as rental apps you’ll download on your phone to look for apartments. That said, all the housing apps we’ve seen are only in Chinese, so your language skills would need to be high. Alternatively, you’ll be ready to take over someone else’s lease and avoid an agent altogether.


How much of a deposit should I pay to secure the accommodation?

The standard deposit is one month’s rent. this sediment are going to be used because the damage deposit and can be returned to you once you move out as long as you are doing not cause any damage.

How often should I pay rent?

Often landlords will ask you to pay your rent three months at a time. That said, this will be negotiable, and if you favor to pay monthly attempt to negotiate this before you sign the lease.

How much will my real-estate agent charge?

Your agent will charge a percentage of the monthly rent you pay as a one-time commission fee. The agency fee differs counting on the town in Hong Kong; in Hangzhou, it’s commonest for renters to pay 50% of 1 months’ rent to the agency. the owner also usually also pays a 50% one-time commission fee to the agency; thus, the agency usually receives one month’s rent in total for renting out the apartment.

What documents should I check before I officially sign the lease?

Be sure to review the landlord’s Property Certificate. this may make sure the landlord is who they assert they’re . the owner can show you their ID card along side the property title, so confirm the knowledge matches.

Once you’ve got selected an area , confirm you get a written confirmation for everything you buy . invite a receipt for the deposit and therefore the rent you buy . Sometimes getting a rental deposit back are often difficult; make sure you have all the right documentation for when the time comes. 


Do i want to try to to anything once I move in?

You will need to register yourself as living at your new apartment at the local police headquarters . you’ll need information from your landlord, like the official Property Ownership Certificate and therefore the Lease Agreement. Your agent can assist you with this.

What happens once I got to cancel my lease?

Most contracts are 1 year’s duration. If you’ve got to cancel before the year is up, therefore the likelihood is that you won’t get your deposit back. However, you’ll be ready to find somebody else to require over your lease then get your deposit back.

Anything else I should know?

Be sure to clarify together with your agent and/or landlord if there are additional fees for you to renew your lease for an additional year. Some agencies may charge a yearly fee to assist you coordinate together with your landlord/building or there could also be other hidden fees you’ll want to understand about.


Although not completely exhaustive, we hope this Q and A provides you with some good insight when trying to find an apartment in Hong Kong!

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