The Troubles Of Collecting Children’s Work, Doctors And Mothers Share 3 Principles Of Collecting

As a parent, you must have this trouble: there are always a lot of children’s hand-made paintings stored at home, some are brought back from school or hobby classes, some are usually drawn on waste paper, and there are countless homemade parental day cards, Birthday cards, Christmas cards, New Year cards and decorations.

When I first received these labors, my first feeling was: “Wow, my child is so creative!”, “It took a lot of effort to paint and give it to me, I am very touched”, and then hung them in the room to show off. I sincerely appreciate it. However, the next day the child made ten or eight works at random. The quality is good or bad, and the size is large or small. If it grows at this rate, there will be more than a hundred copies in less than a month. How can there be enough places in the home?

The treatment method provided by my friend is mainly in three aspects: throw it away cruelly and leave it alone. One piece is not missing, I would rather rent a tsuen wan mini storage for collection. Electronic, throw away the real thing after taking pictures. But each of the three methods has its drawbacks: throwing them all away is both reluctant and afraid of hurting the child’s heart. It would be impractical to keep all of them; the children who have a whole warehouse of graffiti have weak motivation to look through them one by one. As a result, there is a greater chance of being shelved and dusting off!

Recording with photos seems to be the most reasonable approach; there are many computer applications designed to collect children’s works. As long as you fill in the date, subject and other information one by one, you can store it in the cloud. However, for me to take a suitable photo, upload it, and edit and categorize it on the Internet, the time and spirit required far exceeds that of packing the real thing; and according to my track record, a few years later, due to changes in the phone and computer, software upgrade failure, and forgotten passwords, etc. The chance of losing all photos should be more than 90%.

So I combined three methods: small flat works, put them in a transparent multi-page file cover; large or irregular shapes, and discard them one by one after taking photos; completely meaningless graffiti, also thrown into the trash can . The file cover is easy to store and easy to read. When our daughter grows up and leaves the nest in the future, we and the elders will be able to relive the imprints of these children’s growth and take a closer look.

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