Smart Home Brands Enter The Field Of Smart Lighting

The intelligent lighting industry is currently entering a period of ultra-rapid development. In 2021, various types of intelligent lighting IOT lamps will maintain strong demand, which will bring a steady growth of intelligent lighting. Although the growth rate has slowed down due to the impact of the new crown this year, it will still be able to grow throughout the year. Maintaining positive growth, with an average annual growth rate of 23%. It will soon enter a 100-billion-level industry scale. Philips Hong Kong’s new technology enables intelligent upgrades. The replacement of traditional lighting will also become an upgrade of traditional lighting in the future. trend.

As a Fujian-based smart home brand AooGee AooGee, in 2021, it will also focus on the strengths of the smart lighting industry and devote itself to creating a sub-brand-FiiRee BLE Ecological Lighting +, using “AI cloud platform + lighting + HVAC + audio and video”. Ecological empowerment, linking the current popular headless lights, so that basic lighting is no longer the only appeal, but to meet the convenience of the body, the psychological emotions, the health of the human body, the aesthetics of vision, and the unique multi-level needs of taste to build the scene ecology space.

Intelligent lighting that can think is different for each scene and each user. It is a smart lighting that must be a system. Current smart home lighting products include smart downlights, smart magnetic lights, and 智能燈帶, Smart panels, smart central control, smart handheld screens, perception sensors, smart motors, smart infrared and other complete sets of household products. The current trend of minimalism without main lights is overwhelming. Problem”, using better intelligence to improve the quality of a well-off life is the core pursuit of lighting.

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在現代社會中,遙控震蛋和sm 用品已不再僅是傳統性玩具,而是探索性健康和增進性愛快感的新趨勢。這些性玩具不僅是工具,更是性健康和情感表達的媒介。