Concern of Energy Lack of Africa and Pollution of Energy Production

July 27, 2020

A power supply manufacturer successfully built an Off-grid PV power plant during a village called Ntilele in African Republic of Mali, thereby the village with quite 3000 people has brightness within the darkness of the night.


Lack of Electricity of Village

Mali is that the second largest landlocked country in West Africa , its past is additionally referred to as the Mali , its northern border is within the center of the Sahara , the bulk is concentrated within the south. Mali is one among the smallest amount developed countries within the world. it’s almost no industry, and has almost 70% of villages no electricity. Ntilele may be a remote village in Mali. There are quite 3000 villagers living there isolated from modern civilization, and being unable to enjoy modern life without electricity.

In order to assist Ntilele end the no-electricity life, the facility supply manufacturer offered them acustom-tailored Off-grid solar energy solution. the entire installed capacity of the PV power plant is 216KW. It mainly consists of 400pcs 250W solar panels, 2pcs 120KVA Off-grid solar inverters, 180pcs12V/200AH GEL Deep cycle batteries and 34 sets of PV brackets. During daytime, the facility station provides solar power to the village, and charges the battery for storage, during the night, without sun power and utility power, battery power are sent to the village for electricity use.

Under the joint efforts of Ntilele villagers and power supply manufacturer team, they overcame the bad natural and living environment and finished the PV station construction in just 12 days. On the day of the completion, the village’s leader invited the chief to carry a grand ceremony, and gave high praise of the facility supply manufacturer team for his or her professional technical capability and repair efficiency.

The successful operations of the Off-grid PV power plant bring clean energy to the village, let villagers have lighting reception , and improve their quality of life. In near future, the facility supply manufacturer said that they’re going to build more and more such power plant for Africa people.


Besides of the energy lack of Africa people, we should always also care about the environmental pollution when energy produced, especially coal-fired power.


Why do we have to care?

It’s because burning fossil fuels is that the leading driver of worldwide warming, energy decisions made by China and therefore the us have a serious impact on the health and welfare of nearly every animate thing on Earth. In November, President Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping announced ambitious plans to scale back their carbon pollution within the next 15 years.

Lately, China is slowing its coal power expansion, driven partially by terrible pollution problems also because the country’s growing sensitivity to its international standing within the fight to curb heating . the govt has pledged to scale back its greenhouse emission emissions after hitting a peak in 2030 and to double its carbon-free energy generation at an equivalent time.